Andrea Martin

Mar 16, 2008 by     6 Comments    Posted under: humour, videos

I miss SCTV. I loved Andrea Martin’s characters: Edith Prickly, Edna Boil, Pirini Scleroso and her impressions of Barbra Streisand, Connie Francis and Bernadette Peters. I think Ms Martin is brilliant and was delighted to see her in the film My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

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  • I always thought she was very funny as well. I had kind of forgotten about her!

  • I like her too … don’t like the commercials she’s doing for bran lately tho, LOL

  • Andrea is the voice of Miss Fowler in the successful cartoon “Jimmy Neutron”.

  • Jlee, As much as I liked Catherine on SCTV, Andrea always cracked me up.

    DMonkey, When ever I see an actor do a commercial like that I think that they must have a big mortgage payment due or something. Hey, we all got bills, right?

    simeon, Only saw a bit of Jimmy Neutron and I THOUGHT it was her voice! Well, good for her.

  • Love all of them from SCTV.

    How about Eugene Levy, Catherine, AND Jane Lynch in “Best in Show”?

    Andrea Martin? The Tina Fey of her day.

  • oh, you’ve brought back such great memories! Andrea is one of the funniest comedians EVER!