Confessions of a Garden ‘Ho

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The first house I bought had an ugly back garden. The previous owner used to park his truck on the pad where the old garage used to be. The area around the concrete pad was waist-high in weeds. This is what it looked like after we had cleared the weeds. Pretty ugly eh?

Because we had lived in an apartment in three-story walk-up with no balcony or outdoor space, I longed to have a shaded spot of my own. A spot where I could read the paper on an early Sunday morning, scribble in my notebooks and have a BBQ. So after we had cleared all the weeds I decided to create my own secret garden – a matchbook oasis in the middle of the city.

This was quite an ambitious project for me as I have never had any success with houseplants. I was sure the Ontario Horticulture Society had me on their list of ten most wanted serial herbicidalists but I was determined to grow a green thumb and that is how I became a garden ‘ho.

It all started innocently enough with a stroll through the garden section of Home Depot. “I just want to get a few ideas”, I guilelessly claimed. A bag of topsoil here, a clematis plant there, an envelope of morning glory seeds and soon I found myself trolling garden centre parking lots for sales on bags of mulch.

I was shameless, brazen even in my pursuit of perennials and garden accessories. I would hussle complete strangers for information about the plants they were buying, bat my eyes at the resident garden experts and smile smugly as some brawny teen loaded my car with my purchases.

After I installed the fountain and started ordering pea gravel by the yard I knew I was beyond redemption. In my mind saw a riot of colours, climbing plants and sweet scented flowers. It took me two seasons but I finally achieved what I had envisioned – a glorious grotto.

Although I love my life here at the lakeside lair, I sure do miss my old garden.

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  • Sometimes all we need is that space of our own…

    Glad I get to share this one with you!


  • A sight for a sore soul!



  • As a witness to the development of your garden, I am certain without a doubt that you are (were) a closet gardener!!

  • Wow that is awesome. I was gonna say I wish I could do something like that, but I guess your post showed me that if I really wanted to, I could. :)

  • I love it!

    THere is something so satisfying about turning a blah piece of ground into a lush retreat.

    But the Lakeside Lair is nothing to sneeze at, either!

  • In my head, I have a green thumb. In actuality… I’m herbicidal! But I do try with some lucky bamboo that’s dying… an orchid that only has the stem and few leaves on it and a poor pepper plant that has been battling to live.

  • i like ‘greenery’…enough so that i take pity oh them and don’t purchase them! LOL

    Now missy…step away from the garden and repeat after me:
    My name is [fill in the blank] and i’m a gargen ho! LMAO

  • Just cruised by to say HI!