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I can’t think of anything more disgusting that this. The more I hear about these horror stories from China’s manufacturing and food production sectors, the more I suspect any products we import from there. If anything, these stories have made me an even more avid label reader.

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  • OH.



    I can’t believe this shit. I can totally believe it. I’m glad I’m wearing my hair down today. Checking the label on my next “card” of hair grips, definitely…

    I’m thinking the US zoos that have pandas should incorporate it into their fundraising literature: “Give your kids something cute from China that *won’t* kill them! ‘Adopt’ a panda!”

  • wow! I don’t think I’d ever need to tie my hair back if that was my only alternative!

  • It’s a joke, right??@?

  • After the toothpaste thing when they said it was OK “because you don’t swallow it” nothing surprises me…

    Gross me out, maybe, but not surprise!


  • I am speechless. This is absolutely the grossest thing I’ve ever heard.