Extreme product testing

Dec 13, 2007 by     7 Comments    Posted under: humour, life, videos

I seem to remember when I was growing up an ice cream treat called the Nutty Buddy. I don’t think I’ll look at a chocolate dipped, peanut encrusted ice cream cone the same way ever again. Man, even I cringed watching this video.

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  • You could get me to test a bullet-proof vest long before you’d get me to test this!

    I started to say you could get me to test the vest before I’d jump out a perfectly good airplane as well, but that might be a toss up…

    I’d do either before this though!


  • Well i loved nutty buddies then….and if you offered it to me now, I’d take it! lol

    Soooo…since you’ve had a mamogram…and it hurts like the dickens….does that mean no chicken breasts?? LOL

    i just hope he already has his children!

  • hahaha…nutty buddy?? That is too funny. I guess men are quite fond of protecting them ;)

  • Ungh.

  • Great invention. No more ice cream cones for me.

  • well, it’s refreshing to see someone really stand behind their product!!

  • Yeeeouch! Crazy!

    On a different note…I’ve tagged you on my blog today if you’re interested. If not that’s cool too! :)