Holy cow!

Nov 7, 2007 by     4 Comments    Posted under: humour, life, news

I once had a stone fly off from behind a truck and crack my windshield. Scared the crap right outta me. Can’t even imagine a cow.

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  • I just heard about this, too. The car was pretty dented up.

  • You should have seen that car! Phew. Glad it wasn’t me. But, then, I’m always on the lookout for flying bovine, even when there are no cliffs in the area.

  • Glad I wasn’t on a motorcycle!


  • yeah, alan, youda be dead!

    I was hit by a deer (a buck with a big rack) and that was traumatic enough. He actually skidded over the roof of the car, landed on the side of the road, jumped up and hopped over a barbed wire fence. Not a skratch on the car!