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More cow capers today when, while driving through the drive-through at McDonald’s, the tail gate of a trailer opened allowing a herd of eight cows to escape. People in the town of West Haven, Utah called rounding up the cows “Operation Hamburger Helper“.

The poor creatures probably planned their escape after watching the movie Fast Food Nation. I know after seeing that movie, if I were a cow, I’d run too.

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  • I bet traffic ground to a halt!

    (sorry, too easy!)

    My Dad’s dad was a telegrapher for the Santa Fe just before WW1. Somewhere along the way he was on a train that hit a cow and talked about the crew trying to unwrap it from the undercarriage of the locomotive and the smell of the beef burning against the boiler!

    I’m surprised it doesn’t happen now!


  • Poor cows! I would run for my life too ;)

  • Was anyone there to steer them in the right direction? (ba-du-dum)