The Dog’s in big doo doo

Nov 1, 2007 by     3 Comments    Posted under: news, racism, rant, social issues

Somehow, the National Enquirer got hold of a tape of a telephone conversation Duane “Dog” Chapman had with his son. In that conversation The Bounty Hunter apparently used the “N” word several times. Now A&E has put a hold on further production of his television show.

Ok, I’m not saying that it’s ok to use derogatory language and yes, Mr Chapman should be contrite and be made to understand how such language is hurtful to others. What bothers me is not so much that he uttered the offensive word but that this was supposed to be a private conversation between him and his son.

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  • I came home tonight (this morning?) to find a news story that says it was the son that recorded and sold the tape…

    Since it’s illegal to record a conversation without telling someone you are, that’s a Federal rap if someone wants to pursue it!

    Sad all around…


  • also saw this played over and over — you’re right — he was stupid to use such language but I do question the media exploiting every thing they can get their hands on — privacy is no longer a right and that’s sad.
    BTW – thanks for the welcome home!
    (Larry Hnetka Goes HMmmm)

  • I was at your flicker page. That baby!! OMG! How cute is she? She looks so sweet and happy. I just put pics of our little nieces up. Pls stop by?