Two proud Memés

Jun 8, 2007 by     3 Comments    Posted under: family, grandkids, Photographs

For Mother’s Day the kids arranged for Lise and I to have our photos done with the two girls. My step-grand daughter, Natalie is seven and here Eve is three weeks old. Natalie’s been a good girl at school this week so this afternoon I’m taking her to the movies to see Shrek 3.

For more Eve pictures check out:

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  • Wow! What a beautiful family.


  • Angels one and all!

    :o )


  • You two are WAAAYYYYY too young to be grandmothers!!!

    I found your blog via puhpaul, and glad I did. I love the love you have for the grandbabies, and I LOVE the story about returning the criminal / jerk to Florida. Good for you, and isn’t it amazing what we can accomplish with the internet these days?