What was the big deal?

Sep 18, 2007 by     3 Comments    Posted under: life, politics, rant, social issues

Sure, our numbers may be growing but out of a population of 33 million there are only a little more that 7,000 married same-sex couples in Canada. So what’s the big deal? Did the sky fall or something?

According to Statistics Canada’s latest census results, gays and lesbians are marrying more than straight people are. The number of common law, single parent and same-sex couples are surpassing the “traditional family” here in Canada. Stats Canada says that more straight folks are choosing to “shack up” rather than get married. Hmm, makes you wonder who holds the moral ground here eh?

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  • Gotta stop those gays from getting married. They’re just plain crazy. Speaking of which, my sister and her gf are getting gay married in Nov. They both have blogs and being of lesbianic descent, you may find them interesting. My sister’s personal on e is The Dramaturge at Home, http://mynameiskate.typepad.com/at_home/, and my future sister in law’s is Creampuff Revolution, http://rosemaryrowe.typepad.com/creampuff_revolution/. They haven’t been posting as much with the wedding plans but they are pretty amusing. (can you tell I don’t know html…?)

  • I never had any doubt about who had the high ground!

    I keep thinking at some point discrimination will be recognized for what it is…


  • I kinda think that *is* the problem. Queers first, cohabitors next…